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Why Choose Bright Spot?

We’re a bit different. We’re guessing you are too.

At Bright Spot you will have the ability to to access not just your therapist’s skills and area of expertise to navigate the path towards healing, but you will also have the option to connect with our collective of experts to fill in any missing pieces so you don’t get stuck on your healing journey.

This is why we say Bright Spot is therapy that just works.

How Does This Work?

To begin, we intentionally place each of our clients with the therapist that will be the best fit for your individual needs and goals. It could be that you need a coach to lay out a game plan or maybe you need a gentle guide that sits with you through the darkness until you find the light. Either way, once placed with a therapist, they will create a Roadmap to Wellness so when you need something more, or something different, we can connect you to therapists within our collective of experts and help you continue to grow and heal from perfectionism, depression, anxiety or trauma. 

Our therapists offer a wide range of expertise and through our collaborative process, clients gain additional skills and tools while experiencing multiple services on their path towards healing. Our clients gain supports to keep growing, all while maintaining the connection with their primary therapist. This allows our clients get the best of both worlds: a long-term, trusting foundation with one therapist and the option of working with specialists to address a specific area of need. 

Curious how this works? Read about Braxton’s Journey.

History of Bright Spot

In the Beginning

Ginger started Bright Spot when she grew frustrated that her clients were not receiving evidence-based treatments she could not provide in her office somewhere else. She recognized that people were unable to access the effective treatments that they needed on a timeline that worked for them – which left clients feeling stuck, feeling that something was wrong with THEM.

Bright Spot was inspired by hundreds of experiences with clients saying things like…

“I’ve been to therapy for years but it wasn’t that helpful for me.”

“I feel like I failed somewhere along the way.”

“I liked talking to my therapist, but my life didn’t change a whole lot.”

What Ginger wanted most was a space for like-minded therapists and practitioners to do inspired, holistic, evidence-based work collaboratively. So she created it!

The name Bright Spot was inspired by an early client of Ginger’s, who had struggled in treatment with some of the most severe trauma and addiction issues she has seen to this day. That client told her that if she ever opened a private practice, she would call it Bright Spot – because when he had no family or friends left, he could rely on the couch in Ginger’s office to be the bright spot of his week.

The Journey So Far

Our practice was built out of thousands of experiences with clients saying going to therapy didn’t help them.

Our clients expect us to put in the work- and in turn, we expect the same. Because we ask a lot of our clients, they get to a place where they can rely on the skills they’ve learned in therapy and put strategies into action. We use evidence-based practices that target your specific area of need so you can get the most out of therapy in the least amount of time. Our goal is for you to leave our practice feeling balanced and confident to move forward and experience the life you deserve.

Our clients have been able to find a sense of peace and calm they didn’t know was possible. They feel better emotionally and physically. They get better quality sleep, prioritize the time and find the energy for exercise. They’re able to use mindfulness and meditation to help manage everyday stressors that were once completely consuming. Their relationships with others are more satisfying. They find closure and make meaning of their past trauma. Their work/life balance is actually balanced. They’re kinder to themselves; more flexible, accepting and forgiving of their anxious brain and the perfectionistic tendencies that once ruled their lives.

Where We Are Now

Bright Spot has been providing therapy for anxiety, trauma, depression and perfectionism for almost 6 years. 

We’ve grown a team of incredibly talented, caring of therapists and practitioners. And we’ve developed a highly effective, research-based, signature process that takes all of our combined years of experience into account.

This work means a great deal to each one of our clinicians because in some way each clinician has lived experience with anxiety, panic, trauma, perfectionism, or sleep issues that have greatly impacted their lives. Working collaboratively to heal others has helped each member of our team find peace and calm in different ways.

It’s been an honor to work with clients and weave their stories into our work every day along the way. We truly care about each client who we connect with in session and are thrilled to hear from our clients when they reach out after graduation.

The Future

It’s our vision to continue evolving along with the evidence into trauma therapy, medication for anxiety and depression, EMDR and the nervous system as it develops. We’re also looking forward to expanding our EMDR and Phobia Intensives to order to provide rapid care to our community.

We also want to continue being a great place for therapists to practice in a supportive, collaborative environment where they aren’t fighting the undercurrent of burnout and scarcity.

From here, we are excited to serve more and more clients to embrace full spectrum wellness and enjoy their lives!

If you’re looking for a therapist in Michigan or medication, we hope to see you in our future!


Below are some of our more frequently asked questions.
To see our full FAQ page, click here.

The easiest way to schedule your first appointment is to Schedule Online. If you wish to schedule an online visit, be sure to choose “Bright Spot Counseling Video Office” after selecting your preferred clinician and service.

Therapists aren’t one size fits all. It’s a great idea to look both at what a therapist specializes in and whether there is a goodness of fit. Use our Find Your Therapist Quiz to help you identify a compatible clinician.

If you’re interested in connecting with a therapist, schedule a free 20-minute consultation to see what the chemistry is like. Schedule Online»

While Bright Spot does accept Blue Cross Blue Shield, Blue Care Network, AETNA, Medicare, and Medicare Plus Blue, we’re not able to work with every insurance company. However, many of our clients submit their receipts and receive reimbursement directly through their insurance company by sending in their receipts or through Reimbursify depending on their out-of-network benefits.
*Please note, we can’t guarantee reimbursement, this depends on your individual coverage with your insurance company.

For any questions or to verify if we accept your insurance, call 248-296-3104. We’re always glad to answer questions and to help you decide if we’re the right fit for you.

In the News

Bright Spot Counseling has written articles that have been featured in national publications. Read Them Here»

In the Community

Volunteering Community Bright Spot

We not only want to be a Bright Spot in our clients’ lives, but also in our local community as well! 

We provide therapist-led discussions for organizations to build resilience, skills and support among staff. Bright Spot therapists also love connecting with other local mental health providers and traditional and functional medicine practices. 

We also support and work with local non-profits such as Hospitality House Food Pantry. In 2022-2023, all the proceeds from the Self Care Closet will benefit For Goodness Cakes, a non-profit that provides birthday cakes for kids in foster care. We are also partnered with Detroit Dog Rescue. We are a drop-off site for dog supplies (Monday – Thursday).

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