Andrea Nitzkin, LMSW

Andrea Nitzkin

Treatment Services


    • Anxiety
    • Couples Therapy
    • Perfectionism
    • Trauma

Accepted Insurance

    • Aetna
    • ASR Health Benefits
    • Blue Care Network
    • Blue Cross Blue Shield
    • Health Alliance Plan
    • Medicare
    • Medicare Plus Blue
    • Priority Health
    • Private Pay

Andi is a licensed and certified EMDR therapist committed to partnering with her clients to help them overcome anxiety, depression, painful experiences, family and relationship conflicts, and to navigate life transitions.

Andi uses many of the traditional tools of talk therapy in partnering with her clients including CBT, Mindfulness, and EMDR, and EMDR Intensives among other strategies. She is both a nurturing and direct therapist, who personalizes her approach to the goals and needs of each client. Andi believes that a strong client/therapist relationship is the key to encouraging clients to process their vulnerabilities and achieve positive change.

Andi received her master’s degree from the University of Michigan School of Social Work. She has used her MSW in many ways over her 25-year career and continues to gain great pleasure from her work. Initially, Andi worked to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS and then to erase the stigma for the LGBTQIA community. This led Andi to support its members through anxiety, trauma, depression and life stresses.

Seeing the pain of people living with HIV/AIDS or struggling to feel good about themselves in a society that rejected them because of their sexual or gender orientation made Andi want to change from organizational work to a career as a therapist. Now, 15 years later, she continues to love her work and is passionate about continuously learning new skills to help clients heal.

Looking for the best EMDR therapists in Michigan? Call to schedule an initial visit with Andi to start your path towards healing depression, anxiety, trauma or relationships issues.


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